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Very good!! Very funny, nice animation, sometimes seemd like a little too much movement (KISS), but otherwise, excellent!

Very funny! Did not see that coming, but when I realized, I thought it was great!

FrozenFlameGames responds:

Thank You, i´m glad you liked it


I thought this was way better than people have been voting on it. I mean, its dumb and all, but it was funny. I t probably deserves about a two. I would have voted a two, but I needed to counter these bad votes so I gave it a four.

hotshot72195 responds:

Well thank you, this didnt get blammed like my other video

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Not sure if its missing my keys or I am not as good at typing as I thought. It is fun though.

Very nice. I enjoyed some of the aspects which quickened the pace of the game. Like merely walking near chests to open them as opposed to having to hit the "interact button". The menu being of a pixelated 8-bit feel, I would recommend really committing to that if that is the style you want. As in, make the gameplay graphics blockier.

Cute, fun, not really a puzzle

The Guard: "That's odd. Bill just exploded right in front of me.... I guess someone's got a case of the 'Monday's'."

It was fun but not really a puzzle game in that it was always the guy right in front of you to get to the next guy in front of you. But overall, I liked the graphics and the music, and it all played smoothly. Found no glitches.

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this is fricken awesome!

I loved this music to begin with and this rockin version . . . rocks!!

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It calls to me

The dancer captivated me. She lured me in and all was lost. I was somewhere else now. Somewhere I didn't have to care. We just were. Life was beautiful. But it will be over soon. Always it will end, and I will dance no longer. I will be aware of sadness again.


here I thought I inveted the dragon-tree

But so much better than I could ever do. I really appreciate this piece. Fantastic job!

This I like

This is mostly excellent. I think her eyes are little too tilted, making it more forcibly dramatic which takes away from the natural dramatic the picture already presents. Otherwise, I think it is great. I like the smoke and the whole spectrum of colors; I love the hair, and good job the feet as well, they caught my attention.

yawn...how 'bout this?

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